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Returns & Replacement Policy

A very clear and straightforward 10 Days Return & Replacements policy is provided by

Conditions to be eligible for the Returns & Replacement Policy:

1. The product(s) must be in brand-new, unused condition.

2. Replacement for missing items is subject to RatnaRaj Gems team examination and verification.

3. Our Returns & Replacement Policy does not cover damages brought on by carelessness or improper use.

4. The product must be shipped with the original product certificate, an original or copy of the invoice, as well as packaging, paperwork, lab certificates, discount coupons, etc.

Return Policy on Loose Gemstones:

If you match the aforementioned requirements, you may return loose gemstones within ten days for the full amount paid. Nota bene: Duties, VAT, and shipping costs are not refundable.

Return Policy on Gemstone Jewelry:

To get a store credit of 75% of your invoice value to be applied to subsequent purchases made on our website, you have to submit a request for a return within 10 (Ten) days of delivery.

Cancellation Policy:

RatnaRaj Gems will deduct manufacturing fees of 25% from the total purchase price if you cancel your jewellery order.

RatnaRaj Gems will subtract the jewellery prices from your refund if your jewellery order cost was greater than 25% of your overall purchase.

RatnaRaj Gems will deduct the certification fee if you decide to cancel your order after selecting paid certification.

Important Notes:

- Duties, VAT, and shipping costs are not refundable.

- Return shipping is the customer's responsibility.

- Payment Gateway fees, if any, won't be reimbursed. These are not returned; instead, they are charged directly by the payment gateway. These are 2.36% for all payments made through the ccAvenue payment gateway using Indian debit/credit cards or Net Banking (with the exception of American Express, which is 4.72%), and 3.54% for all payments made using foreign cards. For payments made using Paypal, these are 5.19%. The appropriate GST (18%) is already included in all of the aforementioned fees.

- Additionally, any extra lab certificates that were ordered in addition to the one that was provided for free with the gemstone will not be included in the refund.

- From the time the merchandise is delivered to our address, returns will take 7 to 10 business days to process. Please be aware that it can take another week for the credit card company or banks to reflect that in your account.

Frequently Asked Questions: Returns & Replacement Policy

1. When does the 10-Day Return Period Start?

Our courier records indicate that the 10-Day period begins on the day you get your order.

2. I bought 2 loose gemstones, I like one of them - can I return the other?

You can return the other RatnaRaj Gems within the 10-day return window under our no-questions-asked return policy for RatnaRaj Gems with a 100% money-back guarantee.

3. I have lost the lab certificate and original packaging of the product. Can I still return the loose gemstone?

For loose gemstones, we often require the whole original product certificate, invoices, documentation, lab certificates, packing, documentation, discount coupons, etc. You are not qualified for the 100% Money Back Guarantee if any of these components are missing. Your eligibility for a full or partial replacement or store credit, however, may still be valid. In order for us to help you, kindly contact our customer care team and describe your precise situation.

4. Can I return a gemstone that I purchased and got studded in a ring?

It is very apparent from our return policy that any custom jewelry cannot be returned. However, you qualify for a shop credit worth 75% of your invoice value to use on RatnaRaj in the future.

5. I am returning a loose gemstone. How should I send it?

Please follow these instructions if you are returning or changing a gemstone:

Make sure you save any original items that came with the gemstone, such as the Original Product Certificate, Original/Copy of the Invoice, packaging, documentation, lab certificates, discount coupons, etc. Contact customer support to obtain a return authorization.

- Carefully package the things and send them exclusively through a reputable courier who offers package insurance. Take a look at the courier tracking data and let us know. You can click here to view our address. Message Us

- We advise sending the product back through the 'DTDC Plus' service through your local DTDC location. This service reduces any risk associated with delays, misplacement, or theft by guaranteeing Next Business Day (NBD) delivery on priority in all metros and significant cities.

- Determine which couriers accept jewellery, if necessary. Customers have occasionally been able to get around this rule by referring to the item as "Artificial Jewellery" or "Astrological Product" (at their own risk).

Important: Avoid writing RatnaRaj Gems or any words relating to gemstones or jewellery on the outside of the package as this could lead to unwanted attention and package theft. Please refer to us as "Fortuna Retail Pvt Ltd" instead.