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Refund Policy

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Rules for Mode of Refund:

For the following payment methods, the following regulations shall apply:

• The payment gateway fees in cases of regular payments (paid through the payment gateway) will be subtracted from the refund amount.

• If a Cash On Delivery refund is necessary, the money will be sent back via bank transfer or UPI.

• If you made a payment using NEFT or IMPS, the refund will also be made using those payment methods, and an agent from our customer service department will contact you to acquire the account information.

• When an exchange is authorised, the customer is required to pay the price difference before the new item is shipped (within the allotted time frame).

• To protect the interests of everyone involved, the current market value of the stones or metal, or the initial purchase price, whichever is less, must be taken into account when returning cash or issuing shop credit.


1. In any circumstances, refunds are not accepted for items shipped outside of India.

2. Customers from countries other than India who purchase gemstones or jewellery from RatnaRaj Gems are only eligible to export their purchases when:

a. The full amount of the transaction is received in the appropriate currency.

b. The consumer is held responsible for any fees associated with the payment gateway and currency conversion.

c. The country from where the transaction was made is indicated by the shipment address.

d. After the RatnaRaj Gems staff has acknowledged receiving the payment, the export process will be started.

3. If a client wishes to cancel an order prior to shipping:

a. After taking into account RatnaRaj's service fees ($50), currency conversion fees, and payment gateway fees, the cash will be returned.

b. Refunds will take at least 25 working days to process.